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7:00 PM

Sunday Morning Worship

11:00 am

Is a Satellite Extension for the North Carolina College of Theology providing a accredited degree programs from Associates to a PhD. This is an accelerated program providing each degree level within nine months.

Transformation was created to provide assistance churches,school, community

and corporate organization through the methods of seminars, workshop and true to life plays.  It is through these different

yet effective media that we reach out with the message to provide strength and guidance through transitional times. Demonstrating that greatness can transform from times of hardship and hardship and great challenges.  Whereby illustrating proven techniques that foster the passion and vision of the visionary one in us all

Youth Explosion 2016
January 30,2016

St. James 1838 Main St. S.W. Warren OH


Northeastern College of Theology, enroll now for the 2016 school year. 

Our Purpose

By creating a new attitude of awareness than bitterness any struggle that one must

endure.  Through effective communication

skills to help enroll the necessary assistance that will warrant obtaining favor through difficult times.

  • Design your custom logo
  • Event & Promotion Packages
  • Business Packages
  • Banners & Signs
  • Business, Post Cards & Letterhead

Northeastern College of 


 Transformation Graphic & Designs specialize in Church and Organizational seals.  Business branding which is your

unique identifier in the market place

Graphics & Design

We provide transitional training subjects that are useful for Business setting to community and school settings as well.

Training & Development